Rewards Program

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Easy and Free Enrollment

How to Earn

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Here at the local game store, It pays to play!

How do I enroll for the Rewards Program?

Enrollment is easy.

Speak to a staff member at the Local Game Store. They will start you on the process and provide you with a QR Code Tag once you have answered the prompts on the touchpad at the register.

All you will need to provide is your name, date of birth, phone number, and email.

Free Enrollment? What is the catch?

Enrollment into the Rewards Program is absolutely free and does not require a Patron Pass subscription. There is no catch. Only savings and rewards.

So I spend to earn. What can I redeem my points on?

There are many great rewards to choose from. All of which can be seen at the register upon checking in and checking out. Redeem as litte as 500 points and earn a free drink or save them up and earn big by redeeming 10,000 points on a booster box of your choice.

If I forget my QR Code Tag, how will I earn points?

Don't worry. If you forget your QR Code Tag you can still get your points from your purchase. Just enter your phone number on the touchpad at the register when prompted.